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At All Sports News, we live and breathe sports. Our team is dedicated to bringing you the latest and most exciting sports news from around the world. Whether itʼs a major sporting event or a minor league game, we are passionate about delivering in-studio reports, engaging interviews, and on-the-scene commentary. Our goal is to keep you informed and entertained with the thrill of the game, the triumphs, and the upsets. Join Us as we dive into the heart of the action and bring the world of sports to life.

Our Commitment

At All Sports News, our commitment is unwavering. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive and reliable coverage of all sporting events. Our team is driven by a passion for sports and a desire to keep our audience informed and engaged. We strive to deliver top-quality reporting, on-the-ground insights, and captivating interviews that capture the essence of every game, match, and competition. With a focus on accuracy, integrity, and enthusiasm, we are committed to being your ultimate source for all things sports.


Roger Neal Smith, Editor-in-Chief

Pianki Iknaton, Producer

Tiara Rose, Correspondent

Wendy Chen, Producer & Correspondent

Cienna Cruz, Correspondent

Diana Berrios, Public Relations